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They Would be Fired if it was a Private Company

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

If the Lee County Planning Commission (LCPC) members were working for a private company, the inefficient/ineffective output displayed to the needs of the Public would require termination from the organization! After delaying a week because they knew they wouldn't meet quorum, the rescheduled LCPC meeting on March 16th was not able to meet quorum due to the failure of the members to show-up and be counted.

LCPC members present at 5:30pm: Kevin Flannagan Danielle Ritch Tom Kelly Joe Stokes Will Neighbors

LCPC members NOT present at 5:30pm:

Christine Bradshaw

Adam Littleton

Jason Flowers

Murry Neighbors

Sherri Cook

Ross Morris (has since accepted the appointment to District 2 Lee County Commissioner)

It is unknown how many members this 10-person Commission holds, especially with the transfer of District 2 representative Ross Morris to the LCC.

Some citizens in Lee County have requested an e-mail list to sign up for in order to get the latest news available from the newly formed LCPC. I personally have read posts about such a thing in some of my community groups I am in. It is unclear if the LCPC are working on setting up such a valuable tool to inform the citizens or not. The last-minute cancelling of the March 9, 2022 Lee County Planning Commission and the quick rescheduling to March 16, 2022 proves the need for such a simple service to be provided to the Lee County citizen. We all want to have better information as soon as possible.

Some in Lee County are concerned that the Lee County Planning Commission was formed/established under False Pretenses, that is, Beat 13 voted to establish this "Planning Commission" to STOP the Quarry. Yet, the LCPC have admitted publicly that they CANNOT stop a Quarry.

Instead of dissolving the Planning Commission that was not able to perform its designed duties, the appointed members have encouraged a legislative push for grasp upon the property rights of all property county wide.

The LCPC will tell you what you can do on your families property, so don't worry. The idea of "leaving the city for the country" are fast becoming a blurred memory on these narrow Lee County roads.

It is unclear when the next Lee County Planning Commission meeting will be. Keep your eye on the website for updates (hopefully).

5:30pm at the Bennie Adkins Meeting Center on 10th Street Opelika 36801

Lee County Planning Commission

Never a dull moment in Lee County,


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