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No Relief from Discrimination

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Lee County District Court Judge Russell K. Bush has now issued an Order for a Hearing which was received after the scheduled time for the Hearing! The Order setting the Hearing for September 6, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. was received via US mail the afternoon of September 6.

Judge Bush Order setting Hearing September 6_ 2022 with no notification for all Parties in
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Libertarian candidate for Lee County Commission District 4, Lance Farrar, continues to experience even more political discrimination than his ongoing ban from the Lee County Commission meetings, where candidates often come to introduce themselves and inform folks of their race for office.

In the attached document, Judge Russel K. Bush issued an Order and electronically scheduled a Hearing date on 8/31/2022 at 4:47 PM. However, Libertarian candidate Lance Farrar was notified by US mail. The US Postage mark on the envelope is 9/1/2022. All Opelika [deliverable] mail is processed in Montgomery then back to Opelika for delivery. The Stamp of receipt from Montgomery is 9/2/2022. It then was transferred from Montgomery to Opelika via U. S. Postal Service. NO mail delivered on Monday [Labor Day] September 5, 2022. Suffice it to say Mr. Farrar did not receive the letter until the afternoon of the scheduled day of a Hearing that was scheduled to be held at 9:00 am. This is not proper notice.

Libertarian candidate Farrar was not notified of the scheduled ORDER from Judge Bush until WELL AFTER the Hearing was over, he received the mail after 4:00 pm 9/6/2022.

Libertarian candidate Lance Farrar first requested permission via Motion to go to the Lee County Commission meetings on Monday August 29, 2022. He asked for a quick decision because there were only 9 weeks left for campaigning. Clearly there will be no quick decision because proper notice of the Hearing was not given and a new date for the Hearing must be set. The Candidate does not know if Judge Bush will reschedule the Hearing in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the days in which to campaign steadily diminish.

When will the Court redress Political Discrimination in Lee County?


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