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The Costs of Censorship

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Lee County Commission (LCC) meeting begins at 5pm on the 2nd & LAST Monday of each month. The meeting is held and accessible from the S 10th St entrance of the Opelika Courthouse in downtown Opelika directly across from the Bennie Adkins Meeting Center.

The meeting (which began at 5pm if you recall) was not accessible to view online ( until after 5:15pm due to the LCC sacrificing the Public Comments from the taxpayer funded audio, video & written records. The Public are no longer able to hear the news, investigation results or information any local Lee Countian might consider valuable enough to bring before the Commission. District 3 Commissioner Gary D. Long introduced a motion to "Streamline" the LCC meetings (July 12, 2021 LCC Agenda item 8a) effectively stripping the Public Comments from the record.

The ONLY way you could hear the concerns of the Public about issues is if you physically go to the meetings. Concerns such as:

  • Creekwood Resources Quarry,

  • Creekwood Resources litigation with the LCC,

  • Public Comments exposing the corruption and theft committed by the LCC while their actions endanger the lives of the travelling public with narrower roads and faulty traffic studies,

  • Monopolization (our tax $ spent destroying competition) of County trash pickup gifted to ACCA contractor Arrow Disposal Services,

  • How the LCC willfully and knowingly destroyed at least 3 privately owned LOCAL vendor businesses that were providing COUNTY trash pickup to the citizens if wanted or needed,

  • How the Arrow Disposal Services monopolization will increase your property taxes (effecting a burden onto the County and therefore the taxpayers, this is called a WEALTH TRANSFER),

  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

With these important concerns censored, increases in property taxes are bound to come, if you cannot pay your property taxes the Revenue Commissioner (Oline Price) will levy fines that will be added to the tax that you could not pay. If you cannot pay the property taxes and/or the insulting fines added to them, the local Sheriff (Jay Jones) and Deputies will follow orders and forcibly remove your family from your family home in chains with guns drawn and dogs in tow to enforce compliance.

The concerns of local Lee Countians and the (now censored) Public Comments at the LCC meetings are valuable and necessary for a more informed Public.

As we all now know the dangers associated with an uncontrolled local government, their actions and lack of actions regarding Property Rights and how property taxes will increase with bad actors in government.

By silencing/censoring the Public, the LCC shows that the information suppressed is damaging enough to hide from view or audit. Do the good guys censor public information, or do the bad guys censor public information?

If you know you know,


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