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Political Discrimination of Candidates

The November 8, 2022 General Election is fast approaching!

Meet Lee County Commission District 4 Candidate Lance Farrar. Mr. Farrar was nominated by the Libertarian Party of Alabama to run for the LCC District 4 seat. Libertarian Party of Alabama ( This seat, currently held by District 4 Commissioner Robert Ham (R), is of particular interest because Ham was able to have his potential (now actual) political competitor barred from County Commission meetings until after the Nov. 8th election. In the May 24 Republican Primary, incumbent Ham received only 34% of the vote. In the June 21, 2022 Republican Run-off, Ham was again rejected 2:1 by the voter. Ham used his connections to politically discriminate and violate the Civil Rights of candidate Lance Farrar.

Candidate Farrar wholeheartedly congratulates Mr. Langley’s defeat of the most corrupt commissioner of Lee County in the Republican Primary/Run-off, but Ham’s defeat does not remedy the other corrupt actions of Ham, Bush, Hand, Ventiere, Welch, et al, who’s malfeasance/nonfeasance failed to protect Farrar's civil rights as a citizen and more recently as a candidate. Those who don’t know Jessica Ventiere, she is the Lee County District Attorney who oversaw Asst. D.A. Welch’s prosecution of Mr. Farrar and allowed him to unilaterally and without evidence, pronounce Mr. Farrar a “Particularly Reprehensible Violent Criminal” in the Pleading in order to maximize the penalty. A three-month probation agreement had been worked out by Farrar’s attorney, Mr. Hand, but Ham appeared for the Hearing and concocted a story which the video below proves to be perjury. The Plea Agreement was removed at the last minute and the sentence grew from 3 months to 24. It is very clear where Sheriff Jones, DA Ventiere and Judge R. K. Bush stand re: 1st and 2nd Amendments and Civil Rights.

These violations will be further developed below with video, Court Motion and future posts. Judge for yourself, watch the video, where is the violent crime that justifies an eight-fold increase in punishment? Kangaroo! These upstanding public servants seem to be proud to have ganged up on a disabled veteran with diabetes, misrepresented the facts, breached an arranged Plea Agreement, and barred Mr. Farrar from County Commission meetings.

Attached is a video from October 13, 2020 Lee County Commission (LCC) meeting, revealing Lee County Revenue Commissioner Oline Price condescendingly referencing Lee County property owners’ Property Tax Notices as her “LOVE LETTERS”, then lamenting her inability to use K-9 units in her offices to enforce the Covid-19 (6 ft & Mask) Mandates. She can be heard saying: “I kinda like the idea of dogs” [@ 3:50]. The Lee County Commission, Probate Judge Bill English, County Manager Roger Rendleman and of course Lee County Revenue Commissioner Oline Price, et al, are caught laughing at the idea of dogs in the Lee County Revenue Commissioners offices where Lee County property owners come to pay property taxes or risk loss of property via tax sale [@ 3:40].

This video demonstrates a callous insensitivity to the plight of many taxpayers: the notification of property taxes is not a “love letter”, it an onerous burden to those suffering from rising prices. Oline Price is clearly removed from the economic realities and the suffering of other people!

THEN Lee County property owner, NOW Lee County Commission District 4 Candidate, Lance Farrar is heard protesting the cavalier authoritarianism of the Lee County Revenue Commissioner, the Lee County Commission, et al. He then chastises the Lee County Commission and Revenue Commissioner Oline Price, advising them to “hang [their] heads in shame!” It can’t be seen on the video, but then Lance Farrar was physically removed from the meeting by a Sheriff’s Deputy, and all can hear ROBERT HAM’s command: “he needs to go to jail” [@ 6:46]. Sheriff Jay Jones is seen on the video leaving the room after Commission District 3 Gary Long & Robert Ham called for an arrest and ban from attending meetings.

Mr. Farrar was arrested, fined and barred from LCC meetings for 2 years: the disturbing message that Public Officials may laugh about using dogs to control Taxpayers, but a Taxpayer protesting such behavior is a criminal act to be punished by two years of probation, disenfranchisement, fines, etc.

One would think something like this would have been covered by the media. Did anyone see anything? Do you think the public officials, who laughed about the possibility of dogs, wanted their callousness exposed?

The Political Discrimination followed the initial Civil Rights violation of a man who took a stand against the violation of Property Rights. According to Candidate Farrar, this video exposes violations of his 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 8th Amendment rights beginning on October 13, 2020 and continue to this day.

Attached is the Motion filed Monday August 29, 2022 by Lance Farrar, pro se.

Motion filed as Libertarian candidate August 29 2022
Download PDF • 3.20MB

We at Lee County Bulletin look forward to hearing more from Libertarian Candidate Lance Farrar.

Contact our Editors at with any information vital to Lee Countians.


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