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Planning Commission cancels yet again

The Lee County Planning Commission (LCPC) know they cannot cancel meetings. Below comes correspondence between a citizen commenting on the website and the LCPC. This comes from the July 28, 2021 Lee County Planning Commission Minutes found on,

July 28, 2021,

“I noticed a few people have been missing from various meetings from the meetings minutes and at the actual meetings. Per the Alabama Legislation Act 2007-401 under Section 4 it states 'Commission members may not miss more than three meetings or a new member may be appointed in the same manner as the original member.' I know there have been a few based on the previous notes have have missed 3 meetings already. Please update the minutes on the website so the public can also be aware of this.” [sic]

The LCPC responded,

--- "Legislation states one meeting a month. Lee Commission Planning commission has met up to once a week for special called meetings. Six members are needed to form a quorum." [sic]

Reviewing the Minutes found on, it shows the first meeting of the LCPC as April 7, 2021.

How many times did the LCPC meet in 2021? 15 times in under a 9-month period

April x 4

May x 4

June x 1

July x 2

August x 1

September x 1

October x 1

November x 0

December x 1

How many times did the LCPC meet in 2022? 4 times in previous 9-month period

January x 1

February x 1

March x 0

April x 1

May x 0

June x 0

July x 0

August x 1

September x 0

The LCPC went from eight meetings in a 7-week period [April 7, 2021-May 26, 2021] to four meetings in the last three quarters. April/May of 2021 sure was busy. I wonder why...


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