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One Year of Censorship

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Happy Anniversary Lee County!

If there was ever a body in Lee County that needed prayer,

it is the Lee County Commission.

In case you were unaware, District 3 LCC Gary Long proposed changes to the Lee County Commission Agenda on July 12, 2021. These 'changes' were explained in a way to encourage a 'Streamline' Commission meeting. The only change was CENSORING Public Comments from the Record, however.

Too often, the Lee County Commission would face public scrutiny due to their (LCC) malfeasance [Quarry, County Trash Disposal, EAMC fraudulent activities, wasteful spending, conflicts of interest etc., etc.]. The LCC censored Public Comments from the Record to quell the grassroots movement for increased transparency and accountability.

Attached are two video clips of the CENSORED Public Comments from the July 11, 2022 LCC meeting.

First, Peter Byrd calls upon the LCC to deny floating anymore bonds for the East Alabama Health Care Authority (EAHCA). Mr. Byrd expresses the very real risks and dangers of a fraudulent organization that transfers the economic burden of their malfeasance onto the Lee County taxpayers. The Lee County Commission straps millions of dollars' worth of debt upon the County and its local populace by floating bonds for EAHCA's malfeasance.

John Sophocleus calling for District 4 LCC Robert Ham to resign for the second consecutive LCC meeting. Ham has yet to do the honorable thing and step down. 52 weeks (one year) ago, District 3 LCC Gary Long 'Streamlined' the LCC meetings by CENSORING the Public Comments.

Sophocleus calls upon the remaining Commissioners Cannon (District 1) and Morris (District 2) to stand against the corruption and move to have Public Comments put back on the record. Neither Cannon nor Morris moved for increased transparency, they are still following Hams lead it seems. Shame on them, all of them that knowingly and willingly harm those that they have a responsibility to represent.

LCC Robert Ham was repudiated June 21, 2022, by the District 4 Lee County voters. Tony Langley received the Republican nomination for District 4 LCC. Langley will face Libertarian candidate Lance Farrar for the November 8, 2022, General Election.

Lance Farrar explained that he (Farrar) was to be the last stop gap or rear guard from Ham reclaiming office if the two Republican candidates Greg Boddie or Tony Langley were to lose in the Primary [May 24] or the Run-off [June 21] to Robert Ham. Farrar was overjoyed that Langley had beat out Ham for the June 21 Run-off republican nomination. Lance Farrar has communicated with Tony Langley about the concerns of his supporters and of Lee County property owners. Lance Farrar has witnessed the censorship, the denial of services etc., and looks to work with Langley for the betterment of the County. Either way, we have much better options in November now that the most corrupt county commissioner [Ham] is voted out.

2 out of 5 (40%) of the Commission seats have been removed this May Primary/June Run-off nomination cycle.

3 more Commission seats to go,

  • District 1 Doug Cannon

  • District 2 Ross Morris

  • District 3 Gary Long

How much damage has been/will be due to Robert Hams avarice and enablers?

Find candidates for Districts 1&2&3 Lee County. 2024 is right around the corner.

Until next we meet,


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