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No Liberty in Lee County

Our offices just received this Press Release from the Libertarian Party regarding the Libertarian candidate for Lee County Commission District 4, Lance Farrar.

"The Libertarian Party of Alabama calls on District Judge Russell K. Bush of Lee County to end the egregious civil rights violations and discriminatory treatment of our candidate for Lee County Commission, District 4, Lance M. Farrar."

Press Release for the political discrimination of Libertarian candidate Lance Farrar
Download DOCX • 87KB

It appears that Libertarian candidate Farrar will be seeing the Thirty-Seventh Circuit Court of Alabama District Judge Russell k. Bush this coming Tuesday morning at 9am [October 11, 2022].

Rescheduling Hearing to October 11 2022
Download PDF • 553KB

The Lee County Bulletin has published a few articles about the political discrimination Libertarian candidate Farrar has experienced and continues to experience to this day.

There are only four weeks and three days until the November 8, 2022, General Election.

More updates to come,


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