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Long down the 'Streamline' path

Charles Mitchell requested 85–90-gallon trash cans for the Lee County Historical Society in Loachapoka as they serve meals on the Second Saturday.

Lee County Rec Board member Ernest Griggs insisted he was not there to beg for access to the Covid/ARPA funds being disproportionally distributed across Lee County. He requested Loachapoka get their "fair share" of the Covid/ARPA funds being dispersed.

Rudy McCumsey asked a great question... "Is it the habit of the County to pay out expenses WITHOUT receipts?" Mr. McCumsey reached out to Holly Leverette the County Administrator regarding Coroner invoices; he asked Deputy Administrator Alice McCall to contact him about these payments. Ms. Leverette and Ms. McCall has failed to contact Mr. McCumsey in the last 30 days.

Loachapoka Mayor Ricky Holder stated two years ago the town of Loachapoka has donated the land for the park to be built but there have been no advancements on construction. He noted he received a letter on September 1 stating the deadline to submit a written request was August 30.... odd.

Judy Lockhart spoke about her dream of a park in Loachapoka being deferred, she spoke about how the notice of the County green boxes closing soon was not clear or informative and to make sure the people have been properly informed about the new trash mandate.

Censorship of the Public Comments began July 12, 2021. It was promoted by District 3 Commissioner Gary Long. He presented it in a way to 'Streamline' the LCC Agenda meetings.

  • Censor Public Comments from Live video/audio,

  • Remove Public Comments from the Record/Minutes,

  • Silence the Publics voice of disapproval of Lee County Commissions actions,

Over a year of Censorship and counting,


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