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Lee County Planning Commission abruptly canceled March 9, 2022 meeting

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

After barely establishing a quorum for the February 9, 2022 meeting, the Lee County Planning Commission cancelled the March 9, 2022 meeting. Nearly two hours before the LCPC was scheduled to begin, the meeting was abruptly rescheduled to Wednesday March 16, 2022 at 5:30pm at the Bennie Adkins Meeting Center 205 S 10th St, Opelika, AL 36801.

This comes as a surprise to some that have been requesting an email list for the Lee County residents to be able to benefit from. The email list could quickly and accurately inform the Lee County residents of any changes or updates regarding the LCPC or its meetings/Agenda.

Organizations that care about citizen input, support and advance all avenues of transparency and good will. Yet the newly created Lee County Planning Commission has seemed to follow the actions of the Lee County Commission by increasing the barriers to entrance to everyone NOT in the Politburo.

One Lee County citizen requested the dissolution of the Lee County Planning Commission as the LCPC was formed/created under FALSE pretenses to stop a quarry. This was after hearing the Planning Commission was advancing toward a County-wide power grab of authority over private property.

Was the March 9, 2022 Planning Commission meeting canceled and rescheduled to March 16, 2022 in order to give the Lee County Commission time to replace the seat of Ross Morris, who was appointed for the District 2 Planning Commission seat by now removed District 2 Lee County Commissioner Sarah Brown?

William Ross Morris ( who now has been granted even more power in the Master Plans final solution to private property rights in Lee County AL as he takes his seat as the District 2 Lee County Commissioner.

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