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Lee County Commission Terminators

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Breaking News!

Erica Baker-Norris, Ward 2 (President Pro Tem) Opelika City Councilwoman was just terminated [circa 6:30 pm central time] from her position as Human Resources Director for Lee County.

Following the unspecified September 6, 2022 Lee County Commission "Executive Session", the Commissioners voted to terminate Erica Baker-Norris. District 5 Commissioner Richard LaGrand being the only Commissioner opposed to termination.

LCC Executive Session September 6, 2022
Download PDF • 94KB

Trusted sources say Ms. Norris thought she was attending a Disciplinary Hearing in the unspecified session agenda. District 2 Commissioner Ross Morris arrived late at 5:22 pm. District 3 Commissioner Gary Long was not present in person, instead watching via Zoom if you appreciate irony. Erica Norris exited the session at 5:26 pm, likely to attend her responsibilities as Ward 2 Opelika City Councilwoman.

So, who voted to have Erica Baker-Norris terminated from her position as Human Resources Director?

Given the common happenstance of no recorded voice vote by the Chair, one can infer:

  1. District 1 LCC Doug Cannon (Assumed Yes vote)

  2. District 2 LCC Ross Morris (arrived late without hearing most of Erica Norris' input. assumed abstention under the circumstances... but how could you get a MAJORITY vote without Morris' Yay vote?!?)

  3. District 3 Gary 'Streamline' Long was allowed to observe via Zoom. Unlike concerned citizens who want to watch Public Comments from Lee County Commission meetings. Long was unable to vote due to the Covid accommodation no longer being allowed, according to Lee County Probate Judge and Commission Chairman Bill English.

  4. District 4 LCC Robert Ham is a lame duck, who many have publicly requested resign. Unfortunately, due to the Censored Public Comments [LCC Agenda July 12, 2021], no one can view this via online audio/video feed. (Assumed Yes vote).

The inferred vote is therefore:

2 Yay- District 1 Doug Cannon & District 4 Robert Ham

1 Nay- District 5 Richard LaGrand

2 Abstain- District 2 Ross Morris & District 3 Gary Long

I'll be back? While asking for public feedback on this report, some Lee Countians told the Bulletin they were genuinely shocked the Commission actually exercised its authority to be Terminators. Previously, when county employees have failed to process competitive contracts/proper change orders, have conducted fraudulent traffic studies, have shilled for politicians under indictment in their county, have committed perjury in open court in their capacity as commissioners, and have paid no-name vendor claims, they were not terminated. It truly is shocking, why terminate Erica Norris when the above offenses have gone unpunished?

Until further information comes available, one thing is certain. Hasta La Vista Erica, can we forecast more reporting from the federal courts?

Contact our editors at with any information important for Lee Countians to know.


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