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Lee County Commission Failed to Strip Citizens of Their Rights

The Lee County Commission vehemently opposed Constitutional Carry at the behest of Sheriff Jay Jones' tearful plea back in November of 2021. While many supported Constitutional Carry, only a handful in Lee County stood up and fought the fight against the political machine.

Citizen comments (no longer allowed in the public record nor shown on taxpayer funded audio/video feed of Lee Co. commission meetings) requested the names and input from pro-Second Amendment civil right advocates when drafting the so-called pro-Second Amendment resolution proposed. This request was ignored.

Micah Messer, a former police officer, was one of the more notable and succinct speakers on incongruities in the resolution:

Mr. Messer is running for State House in District 38; find out more about him by going to

The Sheriff’s appeal to adopt the resolution to limit the people's Constitutionally Protected rights has proven unsuccessful. But, his appeal seems to have been rewarded with a 25% raise from the county not revealed until AFTER candidate qualifying closed which may have induced others to run had they known of the raise when deciding to run. Some recall this Sheriff’s prior 16% ‘out of cycle’ raise after espousing belief in Mike Hubbard, who was under indictment in the jurisdiction Jones held the highest law enforcement position.

Many across the state took to social media, phone calls, and text messages putting pressure on legislatures in both houses to pass Constitutional Carry. It wasn't long after it was passed in the House and made its way to the Senate where trouble arose and amendments were added. Through immense pressure from members of BamaCarry, NAGR, NRA, and other Second Amendment organizations, the House did not concur with the Senate's changes and forced the bill into conference. In conference, the majority of the amendments were removed. (See full text here)

Governor Ivey signed the bill within hours of its passage, making the State of Alabama the 22nd State to adopt Constitutional Carry.

However, the Lee County Commission does not get to turn away once more from ignoring the Citizens of Lee County. Their intent to continue to require citizens to seek permission to exercise a right protected by the U.S. and State Constitutions may be remembered come May 24th Election Day.

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