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Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied

Yet ANOTHER Lee County Commission [LCC] meeting Lee County Commission District 4 Libertarian Candidate Lance Farrar is banned from attending, therefore banned from his constituents' Public Comments made before the LCC. "The ability to identify and immediately interact with those who have the courage to speak out against LCC wrongdoings is one of the most effective campaign strategies for contacting informed individuals and get their issues addressed," according to Candidate Farrar.

This morning [October 11, 2022], Libertarian Candidate Farrar was in the Thirty-Seventh Circuit Court of Alabama to address District Judge Russell K. Bush regarding his Motion for Relief filed on August 29, 2022.

Motion filed as Libertarian candidate August 29 2022
Download PDF • 3.20MB

Present with Libertarian candidate Farrar for the hearing on political discrimination included:

Libertarian Party Chairman Gavin Goodman Gavin Goodman for US House District 7 (,

Jimmy Blake candidate for Governor Vote Liberty Alabama – Reminding Government that it exists at the consent of those governed,

John Sophocleus candidate for U.S. Senate Sophocleus for Senate (,

Amanda Frison candidate for AL State House District 79,

Thomas SickofDC Casson candidate for U.S. House 3.

Judge Bush listened to the Testimony of Lance Farrar, Peter Byrd, John Sophocleus, and Probate Judge [also Lee County Commission Chairman] Bill English. Assistant D.A. Luke Farmer represented the State. Candidate Farrar informed the Lee County Bulletin he requested a copy of the video of today's hearing. The Bulletin will hopefully have a copy of that video soon. We will publish the information for all of Lee County as soon as available.

Instead of ruling immediately to end and reduce the violation of Farrar's civil rights so candidate Farrar may observe and campaign at LCC Commission meetings where he has been denied as a citizen [October 13, 2020] and now as a Candidate since August 2022.

Until we meet again,


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