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How to 'Cancel' ...

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The Lee County Planning Commission (LCPC) met August 10, 2022 at 5:30pm.

Bennie Adkins Meeting Center

205 S 10th St, Opelika, AL 36801

The previous two meetings were cancelled [June 8, 2022 & July 13, 2022].

Agenda for August 10, 2022 LCPC meeting

8. New Business: Update on administrative actions by Planning Director for June and July. Discussion on scheduled meeting dates when no action is required by the Planning Commission.

At this meeting, the LCPC discussed how they could cancel meetings in the future.

The LCPC have a schedule of meeting dates on their website if anyone is interested.

The time spent discussing how the LCPC could cancel meetings, instead of focusing on productive endeavors for the Public [like disbanding] is incredible. Lee County residents and property owners have come before the LCPC [which was created under FRAUDULENT pretenses to stop a Quarry (which it has since admitted it CANNOT do)] numerous times in previous scheduled meetings to ask that the LCPC be dissolved, only to be ignored or denied consideration.

Instead of discussing how to deny public interaction with the LCPC [cancelled meetings], it would be beneficial to the general welfare of Lee Countians if the discussion was on 'how to disband the Lee County Planning Commission (LCPC)', or least how to protect the property owner's ability to utilize their property as they see fit so long as it does not negatively affect their neighbors' property. Often, when there are restrictions to land use, the value of property can/will be diminished. There are ample issues the LCPC should consider even though there may not be a specific action item on the agenda. Protecting the Property Rights of Lee County residents & Lee County property owners is paramount.

The LCPC know they cannot cancel meetings. Below comes correspondence between a citizen commenting on the website and the LCPC. This comes from the July 28, 2021 Lee County Planning Commission Minutes found on,

July 28, 2021,

“I noticed a few people have been missing from various meetings from the meetings minutes and at the actual meetings. Per the Alabama Legislation Act 2007-401 under Section 4 it states 'Commission members may not miss more than three meetings or a new member may be appointed in the same manner as the original member.' I know there have been a few based on the previous notes have have missed 3 meetings already. Please update the minutes on the website so the public can also be aware of this.” [sic]

The LCPC responded,

--- "Legislation states one meeting a month. Lee Commission Planning commission has met up to once a week for special called meetings. Six members are needed to form a quorum." [sic]

Note from the Editor:

"I am thankful to all that help encourage transparency and clarity when it comes to 'Lee County Politics'. I am often unable to personally go to all the meetings or events across the county certain days but am so thankful to all those that put the time and effort into witnessing these moments and informing my office with reports/updates and video! We truly appreciate the local support of our Lee County community, without you, we are few. This fellow Lee Countian that took the time to address the Lee County Planning Commission to inform them of an Act they may not have known of was just such an encouragement. Thank You sir or madam!"

-Michael Collins


A well-informed Public is an asset to Liberty.

Inform yourself and others as best you can.

You can email us at if you have any information that may be of use or interest to Lee County and/or Lee Countians.

Contact your Lee County Commissioner and Planning Commissioner and request that the LCPC be disbanded, it CANNOT stop the Quarry...

Until next we meet,


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