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Political Lie Machine Keeps Cranking

Libertarian candidate Lance Farrar filed a Motion for Relief August 29, 2022, from the horrible civil rights violations he has experienced as a citizen and now unfortunately, continues to experience as an ACTIVE Candidate running for office!

Our office has worked diligently to expose this civil rights violation not only affecting Libertarian candidate Lance Farrar, but ALL Lee County residents and property owners.

Motion for Relief DENIED October 12, 2022
Download PDF • 118KB

Did Lee County Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Bill English perjure himself in open court Tuesday morning [October 11, 2022] during testimony for candidate Farrar's Motion for Relief before District Judge Russell K. Bush? We have multiple parties stating just that.

If this is true, Lance Farrar has witnessed 2 out of the 6 Members of the Lee County Commission (LCC) perjure themselves in court to disenfranchise political dissidents. The first being District 4 Commissioner Robert Ham [December 10, 2020], and now Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Bill English [October 11, 2022]. These two may have forgotten they are 'Public Servants'. They appear to have used their position and 'color of authority' to violate the civil liberties of their constituents.

Reminder, Probate Judge Bill English will be counting the votes for the November 8, 2022, general election. If he knowingly and willfully perjured himself to snuff out political competition, do YOU trust his honor or his word when it comes to counting votes?

Do you trust the 'system' in Lee County?

As we learn more, we at Lee County Bulletin will notify our readers as soon as possible.

Until next we meet,


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