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Beware the LCPC

The Lee County Planning Commission (LCPC) met this evening at 5:30pm at the Bennie Adkins Meeting Center 205 S 10th St, Opelika, AL 36801.

This marks the 5th meeting since January 2022, it is currently October...

One very noticeable and important detail is the LCPC "streamlined' their Agenda, just like the Lee County Commission (LCC) did July 12, 2021. That is, the LCPC does not Call to Order the meeting until AFTER Public Comments are finished. So Public Comments are likely NOT part of the record. The Public Comments were CENSORED in the LCC after District 3 Commissioner Gary Long Motioned to "Streamline" the Agenda [July 12, 2021]. That is, the Public Comments are removed from the tax-funded audio/video broadcast as well as from the Minutes of the meeting. The LCPC are following the path of the LCC, the path of censorship that is.

Public Comments are dangerous to a Command-and-Control economy.

Lance Farrar was the only citizen to speak during the Public Comments. You may know Mr. Farrar as the Libertarian candidate for Lee County Commission District 4.

Mr. Farrar states he printed out the LCPC FAQ found on their website He adds, as he read the FAQ, he noticed one question has been asked by multiple Lee County citizens but oddly was not on the FAQ.

That question was "How do we dissolve/disband this body [LCPC]? Which was created under false pretenses to STOP a Quarry [Creekwood Resources Quarry]. The LCC as well as the LCPC has admitted publicly, they CANNOT STOP a quarry."

Danielle Ritch [LCPC Chair] informed Mr. Farrar that they do not answer questions the Public has for the LCPC.

Mr. Farrar affirms he then remarked "You must have talked with Bill English!" Bill English is the Lee County Commission Chairman as well as the Probate Judge. He is known for not answering questions the Public has.

We at the Bulletin would like to say we are surprised, but we know too much. Have seen too much to be surprised at this point.

When we know more, you will as well.

Until next we meet,


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