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ALGOP undetermined Nominee

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

As of today [June 30, 2022], I can find no information to determine the Republican AL Senate District 27 (Hovey/Whatley) nominee nor the date for a ‘game of chance’ (a lot) to determine said nominee. The [actual] election for AL Senate District 27 is November 8, 2022.

The Alabama Republican Party State Executive Committee, a 21-member Steering Committee, (Leadership - Alabama Republican Party ( held a hearing in Birmingham on Saturday June 25, 2022 to ultimately conclude the AL Senate District 27 race was a TIE. This ‘tie’ was established when the ALGOP chose to count the provisional ballot of Mrs. Patsy Kenney, in incumbent Tom Whatley’s favor. The nearly 400 ballots cast from long time Lee County Democrats in the 'Republican' primary does not seem to be of interest to the ALGOP steering committee.

Today, [June 30, 2022], the ALGOP Executive steering committee was scheduled to meet at 8:30pm to reconsider Patsy Kenney's vote.

I did discover incumbent Auburn City Councilman Jay Hovey is a current candidate for TWO elections. The obvious one of course, is the AL Senate District 27 seat. The ALGOP nominee to be chosen will face Democrat candidate Sherri Reese of Opelika this November 8, 2022, in the [actual] General election. There is no Libertarian Party candidate in this race.

The lesser known campaign is Jay Hovey’s CURRENT campaign for re-election for the Auburn City Council. The [actual] election date for Auburn City Council is August 23, 2022. If Jay Hovey is nominated for AL Senate District 27, will he continue his campaign for Auburn City Council?

If Hovey is nominated by the ALGOP for AL Senate District 27 and then wins re-election for Auburn City Council on August 23, 2022, the first scheduled City Council meeting will be September 6, 2022. Nine weeks (63 days) later, the AL Senate District 27 General election takes place.

If by chance, Hovey wins Auburn City Council election [August 23, 2022] and is also nominated for and wins AL Senate District 27 election [November 8, 2022], will Hovey VACATE the Auburn City Council post to climb higher up the Alabama political ladder?

It is uncertain whether the 63 days in office would trigger an installation/replacement of Hovey from Governor Kay Ivey or more Special Election expenses put upon Alabama taxpayers.

If Governor Ivey does install a replacement for Auburn City Councilman Hovey’s position, some pray she makes a better decision than the last two INSTALLATIONS I have witnessed from her in Lee County over the last 2 years.

The first poor decision was Lee County Commission (LCC) District 2 installation of Sarah Brown who could not understand the requirement a commissioner must live IN their District and therefore prompted removal. Sarah Brown was put in place shortly after LCC Johnny Lawrence’s death [Friday, July 31, 2020] with Lee County delegation input.

Another poor installation was the newest LCC for District 2, currently held by Commissioner Ross Morris. Morris was appointed to the Lee County Planning Commission (LCPC), which was created and promoted by the LCC, towards ‘Beat 13’ in order to STOP a quarry [Creekwood Resources]. One mistake Lee County District 2 made was not finding a candidate to run against Morris this May 24, 2022, primary. He has turned into quite the Alabama County Commission Association (ACCA) minion and champion of 12 year incumbent Commissioner Ham's [recently defeated almost 2 to 1 on June 21, 2022] 'Masterplan.'

The LCPC as well as the LCC admitted publicly that they could not stop a quarry, yet they did not dissolve the Planning Commission. Citizens have requested Commissioner Morris provide the process to reverse Beat 13 Zoning, mislead to believe this would stop the quarry. Morris has failed to comply with this request.

Could they be using the LCPC to extract more wealth and property rights of Lee Countians? I have an idea about that, do you?

If Hovey had to choose, what do you think would be his position of choice? Auburn City Councilman or AL Senate District 27?

In what universe can you run for two elected positions and still honor the responsibility for both? Hovey threw in his hat for multiple races, as if to hedge his bets. I wonder if the Auburn Mafia family would care to chime in on this turn of events.

Something wicked this way comes...


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